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Milano Expo 2015 - UAE Pavillion

Milano Expo 2015 - UAE Pavillion

Expo Milano 2015 is an educational non-commercial exhibition on the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Open from May to October 2015, the Expo will host over 145 countries (94% of the world). Running for 184 days, this giant exhibition site, covering one million square meters, is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors. Moving through the exposition, visitors will experience a fascinating journey examining the complex theme of global nutrition and food sustainability. They will take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe. Charles Kendall are involved in the UAE section of that journey, shipping major components of the UAE pavilion. Seen in the picture opposite, visitors start by entering the sandy coloured canyon. These will be made of 8m and 4m sections of Canbuild panels joined to make 12m tall canyon walls. These form a corridor which winds down to a cinema (the round building) where visitors are shown a 12 minute film.

The cinema then opens out to a demonstration area (seen to the right side of the canyon) where some of what was seen in the cinema is recreated in “real life”. Visitors eventually exit where they started – to the right side of the canyon entrance, before moving onto the next country’s pavilion. There are interactive areas all throughout the UAE experience. You can view an animated virtual tour of the pavilion - go to minute 3:00 of movie. We are due to have discussions with the main contractor at Milano 2015 about the return of the UAE pavilion at the end of the Expo. It will be disassembled and shipped back to Abu Dhabi where it will be rebuilt and used as a tourist attraction.

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