Export Packing

Any size. Anywhere. Safe and secure.

Bespoke export packing

If you’re transporting goods, you need to know they’re safely and securely packed

At Charles Kendall Packing, we’ve been building our own cases for customers around the world since the 1980s. We provide export packing services from our locations in London and Southampton.

As one of the UK’s leading export packing companies, Charles Kendall Packing has specialist experience in bespoke export packing, casemaking, project and warehouse management. Supported by an experienced, skilled and dedicated team, we have packed just about everything: from 60 tonne machines for sea freight to small hazardous materials for air freight.


Timber Policy

We are a member of TIMCON (The Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation) which is concerned with protecting timber through promoting re-usable, easily repaired and compliant timber.

All our timber complies with the international standard (ISPM15) accepted in over 50 countries which ensures timber has been properly treated and is safe for commercial use. And because it is sourced from Europe’s growing forests it’s carbon neutral too.

We also require our subcontractors, suppliers and service providers to support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.

Licences & Accreditations

Charles Kendall are licensed and experienced to ensure our clients avoid the common problems associated with Customhouse clearance, including storage and demurrage issues and incorrect product classifications for Customs purposes which can delay the Customs entry process or even lead to fines.


Incoterms provide a common set of rules to clarify the roles of buyers and sellers for the delivery of goods in terms of their ownership and responsibility.

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We offer comprehensive worldwide insurance cover at competitive rates because without full insurance, your cargo could be at unnecessary risk.

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