Event Logistics

Logistics for events of all shapes and sizes.

Ensuring you have a trouble-free exhibition experience

We are much more than just an exhibition and events freight forwarder and have years of first-hand, specialist experience handling every last detail across major international venues including transportation, customs advice and on-site assistance.

Whether you are an organiser, exhibitor, trade association or stand builder, you can rely on us to provide a professional and personal service, ensuring you have a trouble-free exhibition experience.

How We Help

Before The Event

The documents you need for transportation depend upon where you are sending your packages, what it is you are shipping, and what your intentions are i.e. whether you want to sell items, or simply display and then return them.

In some countries, permanently imported goods cannot enter the country combined with temporarily imported goods, so your giveaway items cannot be packed with your stand. This is easy to sort out before the goods arrive in the country but not so easy one they arrive at the event. We can arrange an ATA Carnet service to allow duty and tax free temporary import of goods for up to a year, if required.

Requirements do not just change between countries, but can vary each time. Working in close co-operation with International Chambers of Commerce and local partners around the globe we can advise you on the latest requirements.

During the Event

You will always have a direct contact regardless of the show exhibition venue or country. We have on-site personnel to ensure your stand materials are delivered to your stand location when you need them. At major shows we always have a specialist member of exhibition staff from one of our global offices in attendance. During the show, they will be available if you require any additional services and will liaise with you to minimise hassle and ensure everything runs smoothly. ​Full on-site handling including:

  • Unloading and subsequent reloading from vehicles and delivery to your stand
  • Re-lifting and positioning of exhibits, using necessary lifting equipment
  • Provision of lifting equipment, if required
  • Interim storage of empty boxes before, during and after the show

After the event

We will arrange prompt collection from your booth, return the shipment back to your premises OR forward on to another event.

On arrival back at origin we will take care of all customs formalities, and ensure the goods are delivered back to your premises in a timely manner.

Whilst the event is taking place, our staff or our agents will arrange storage of all the packing cases (if required) during the event, and liaise with you to check your requirements at the close of the show.

We also offer long and short-term storage at our secure warehouse facility in all major cities, which is ideal for those who don’t have the capacity to store their own goods or if goods are required to be stored in between shows.

Who We Help


Organisers tend to know better than anyone how complicated live events and exhibitions can be with multiple exhibitors, often from various countries worldwide, all with particular needs, questions and issues to resolve. As your recommended exhibition freight forwarder your logistical worries will disappear as we deal directly with exhibitors. Shielding you from the day to day concerns of individuals, we can manage every logistical detail of getting stands and goods to and from your event safely, securely and on time.


The logistics of getting exhibition goods from your own premises to an event can often be complex and confusing, especially for international events. We will collect your goods in advance of the upcoming exhibition allowing you to not think about them until you see them set up on your stand. We can help with import and export documentation, customs clearance and overseas storage. By offering a complete package, we make sure everything runs smoothly and on-time.

Trade Associations

Let us worry about the logistics of managing your group of exhibitors and transport everything they need anywhere in the world and being on-site and on-hand at all times.

We have helped countless Trade Associations organise every aspect of transporting its member’s materials to and from international events and trade missions; offering a single point of contact and coordinating the entire group’s logistical needs, from collection and transport to customs clearance and delivery to the stand.

Stand Builders

We will transport your client’s stand and goods anywhere in the world making they are in the right place at the right time. Part of your client’s stand-building instructions will be to transport their stand to exhibitions or events abroad.

Working closely with you, we will deliver the stand on schedule: early enough to allow you building time, but not so early that you incur penalties or surcharges from the organiser.

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