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Charles Kendall Freight helps make history

CMA CGM Jacques Saade makes its maiden call into Southampton.

On November 5th the vessel CMA CGM Jacques Saade made its maiden call into Southampton.

This maiden call was momentous as the vessel broke the world record for the most full containers shipped on one vessel (20,733 containers) and was the first LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) powered container vessel in service. CKF had inbound freight on board the vessel for 9 UK consignees loaded in 9 different ports in China containing a range of consumer and retail products. CKF also had one outbound shipment to China that was loaded onto the vessel. The vessel is the first vessel of its type in service propelled by Liquid Natural Gas technology. CKF’s Director of Global Trade Ian Jenkins commented ‘LNG powered vessels have the ability to reduce carbon emissions by 20%, sulphur emissions by 99% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 85% and so can make a very positive contribution towards reducing Green House Gas Emissions. We are happy to make our modest contribution towards a Greener future’. Nine such vessels are expected to be introduced into service by the French vessel operators CMA CGM in the coming months....

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