FBA Guide

Let us walk you through the steps for getting your goods to Amazon

How FBA can work for you

New to the world of Amazon FBA? Looking for more information on how it all works? Take a look at our handy FBA guide below.

1. Booking your shipping

Speak to our dedicated FBA team and they'll work with you to find the best value routes and rates using our intelligent quote tools.

Once you're ready they'll book everything in for you.

2. Pick-up & dispatch

We'll arrange collection from you and support you with all the necessary documentation and cargo specifications.

You'll stay updated every step of the way once we have your cargo.

3. Cargo arrival and customs

As soon as your cargo arrives we'll collect it from the port. You can even skip customs delays by sending it straight to one of our Customs approved warehouses.

You can let us handle all your Customs and tax payments electronically so things keep moving quickly.

4. Cargo preparation

We'll make sure all your goods meet Amazon's FBA requirements.

You can even take advantage of our added logistics services to make sure everything is perfect before its sent to Amazon.

5. Delivery

Amazon Fulfilment Centres have a booking delivery system that can make it difficult to secure good timeslots.

There's no need to worry though: we have pre-booked blocks of deliveries with Fulfilment Centres all across the country, so you won't have to pay any unnecessary storage fees waiting for a slot.

Once your goods are safely with Amazon we'll give you a POD confirmation so you know everything's gone smoothly.

Congratulations! You now have access to all the amazing benefits of being an FBA seller!

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