FBA Customs and Taxes

Get peace of mind that you're fully compliant

Let the experts handle your paperwork

Take the pain out of your FBA customs clearances and taxes. Our team of experts will check all your commercial documentation to make sure valuations and classifications are accurate so you're completely customs compliant.

There's no need to worry about unexpected delays - we know the customs regulations inside-out so everything will go smoothly, even with unusual cargo. We can even do FBA customs checks at our ETSF registered warehouses, so your goods won't get held up at the port.

Don't let payments slow you down

Waiting for tax payments to process shouldn't hold up your imports. Let us pay your customs duty and taxes for you and get your cargo moving as quickly as possible while you transfer the funds.

Don't worry - you'll still be able to claim the tax back as we can use your VAT number (or equivalent) for the payment.

No UK office? No problem

Even if your company has no presence in the UK, paying your customs and taxes is still easy.

Our dedicated team of experts can provide you with a UK address and will handle the entire registration process for you, so you can focus on growing your business while staying fully compliant.

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