The Company

We take great pride in being a people business concentrating on the exact needs of our customers and tailoring a service to suit them.

Whilst the technology and scale of our business may have changed, our principles have never wavered. We’re transparent, dependable and environmentally responsible. We believe in lasting partnerships, founded on a shared commitment to quality, value and service.

That’s why we still work for our very first client, the Government of Oman, 75 years on. This is why so many of our own people stay with us for years, or decades, continually deepening our experience and expertise.

Partnership means we succeed by helping you succeed. Whatever the size of your business, you can depend on us for a proactive, creative approach, and the same dedication to quality that has drives our business forward.

Corporate Responsibility

We’ve always believed that any business has a responsibility to those its activities affect – directly or indirectly.

We continue to learn more about the impact businesses have on the communities and environment around them. Especially a major international group like ours. So we’ve created a set of self-imposed regulations that keep us focused on sustainable, responsible growth.

Our commitments

We look to our own suppliers for similar commitments, and bear these principles closely in mind in all our procurement and partnership arrangements. We will not work in any way with any organisation known to:

  • abuse human rights
  • employ forced, compulsory or child labour
  • apply discriminatory employment and occupation practices
  • be involved in any form of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

We support freedom of association, and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

We promote environmental responsibility wherever possible, and encourage the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.

We require our subcontractors, suppliers and service providers to support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Furthermore, at Charles Kendall Packing all timber is sourced from environmentally sustainable forests and conforms to ISPM15 regulations which ensure the timber has been properly treated and is safe for commercial use.