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Our new Port of Felixstowe facility is now open!

The Felixstowe team at the grand opening

The new 45,000 square foot facility will help our customers reliably distribute cargo from Felixstowe across the country.

We’re delighted to announce that our new Logistics Centre serving the Port of Felixstowe is open and ready for business. The recent significant growth in CKF’s Ocean Import and Ecommerce-related activity meant that CKF had out-grown our existing facility. This long-term investment in a new facility underscores the company’s commitment to developing integrated logistics solutions in all major UK ocean ports. The new facility in Ipswich will allow CKF to consolidate our existing Felixstowe office and primary warehouse in one location. Our existing warehouse serving the Port will be retained to supplement our capacity.

The new Felixstowe warehouse

At 45,000 square feet the new warehouse is over double the size of our first facility! In total this allows CKF to offer 66,000 square feet of warehousing servicing the port of Felixstowe. Both facilities are ETSF registered, which allows CKF to clear cargoes at our own facilities thus avoiding clearance at the congested Port of Felixstowe. By being able to by-pass this choke point, CKF can deliver greater consistency and reliability to our customers.

The new facility is looking to increase its throughput into the second quarter of 2021 and this exciting development will see CKF increase the size of our team with additional staff being added to the Felixstowe Team.

With the UK related supply chain being simultaneously challenged by the demands of COVID and Brexit, CKF are investing in our future to continue to be able to deliver best-in-class service in the UK market. CKF’s Felixstowe investment continues the company’s track record of investing in warehouse and logistics centres: today CKF can offer own-operated value-added logistics centres in London Heathrow, Southampton, Manchester (serving Liverpool), and Ipswich (serving Felixstowe).

This exciting new Charles Kendall facility in Felixstowe demonstrates that CKF are not only surviving but thriving as the new facility will be able to offer faster processing to old and new customers alike.

A huge Thank You goes out to Matt Hudson and his Team, as well as everybody else in Charles Kendall who assisted in making the move to our new facility go so smoothly.

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