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Export Roundtable

Export Roundtable

Charles Kendall recently collaborated with UK Export Finance and HiFX to run a successful Export Rountable event in which 10 Panel Members sat down to discuss the thought-provoking topic "Exporting in an environment of risk to achieve sales growth". The results were published by The Business Magazine in their March Issue and shared with government bodies.

The Panel of experts included various company Directors and representatives from the DTI and UK Export Finance. As well as our own Director of Global Trade, Ian Jenkins. The discussions were opened by David Taylor, International Trade Advisor for the DTI who set out the current state of the global market and and challenged the group with the provoking statement “When has there ever not been risk?” The discussion ranged from banking dilemmas and corruption issues to developing markets and overseas embassies. The article begins; “2017 arguably marks a new era for exporters; a far more uncertain world post-Brexit and post-Trump, yet one in which the UK economy looks set to remain buoyant and resilient. Against this backdrop, the Roundtable – sponsored by global supply chain solution company Charles Kendall Freight, international payment experts HiFX and UK Export Finance – met to discuss the issue of exporting in an environment of risk to achieve sales growth.” Watch the video or read the full article in The Business Magazine here. Our Marketing Manager, Lucy Jenner, also wrote a Linked In article with commentary on the event.

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