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Six Flags Amusement Park Consignment

Six Flags Amusement Park Consignment

Charles Kendall Inc. in New York successfully ensured that the world famous Six Flags amusement park in California will open for the summer season with its latest blockbuster attraction installed and in full view.

Working over the Easter holiday, the New York team arranged for the project consignment from Italy to be collected from the NY Ocean terminals and taken to a specialist handling facility in New Jersey. At this site, specially positioned overhead cranes reloaded the out of gauge cargoes into two trailers to ensure that legal weight limits were observed and dispatched the vehicles for California. These vehicles will rendezvous with two more cranes at Six Flags to enable their on time installation to take place before the park opens for the summer. Charles Kendall Inc.‘s President, commented “The Easter holiday presented a challenge to meet the customer’s deadline but we are delighted that the park will open on time with this new attraction in place for everyone to enjoy”. View more photos of the consignment here or read more about Charles Kendall Inc.‘s previous theme park involvement in our casestudy.

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