Shanghai ports still operational despite lockdown

Despite an indefinite lockdown being extended to cover the entire city, the Port of Shanghai continues to operate.

The port is not without issues though - the lockdown continues to disrupt landside trucking, making it harder to get freight out of the terminals.

Carriers for the most part are not diverting their ships to other ports like Ningbo, suggesting they are confident that the port will continue to function. Average wait times for berths have climbed to 24-48 hours, however, and future diversions cannot be ruled out as the lockdown continues.

Carrier ONE also warned that backlogs of specialist cargo in particular are building up at the port, saying: “Currently port and terminal operations [in Shanghai] remain operational. However, trucking availability is very limited, and this has impeded clearance of import cargo.

“The result is that Yangshan and Wai Gao Qiao PH2, in particular, are facing critically high dangerous goods and reefer yard utilisation. There is a possibility that certain DG classes and reefers may not be allowed to discharge if they cannot be accommodated.”

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