FMC to look more closely into container alliances

The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) announced last week that it will start monitoring the three major container alliances more closely in order to ensure market competitiveness.

The 2M, Ocean, and THE alliances will have to submit additional information to the FMC to let them "properly analyze carrier behavior and marketplace trends".

The changes follow complaints from US shippers accusing carriers of potential antirust violations. President Joe Biden has also been open in his criticism of container lines and has encouraged the FMC to increase their oversight of the industry.

The FMC also recently settled a claim against carrier Wan Hai after accusing them of being in violation of regulations over detention and demurrage charges. It's not yet know how much Wan Hai were fined, but Hapag-Lloyd recently had to pay out $822,220 after a similar case was brought against them.

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