Carriers and shippers adjust to Ukraine disruption

The logistics industry continues to try and adapt to the ongoing disruption being caused by the war in Ukraine.

Carriers have begun to redeploy ships that can no longer be used on services to and from Russia due to sanctions.

"Vessels that have become redundant in the Baltic trade are more than welcome on transatlantic routes, where several carriers have already organised sailings outside their alliances, as they are short of space,” said one industry expert.

There are already 13 extra sailings from North Europe to the US East Coast, including a new weekly service from MSC.

Rail freight is also having to adapt. Although the trans-Siberian route is still operational it has seen a 40% drop in bookings for China-Europe freight. Some shippers are switching to the middle or southern corridors through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, but many are instead opting to switch to ocean freight.

This sudden increase in both demand and vessel numbers could place North European ports in danger of even greater congestion than they have already been experiencing.

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