Attacks on Ukrainian supply chains could cause food shortages in Asia and Africa

Logistics experts are warning that Russian attacks on Black Sea ports could cause food shortages in countries reliant on importing wheat from Ukraine.

Ukraine itself has reserves of crops and is not currently in danger of a food crisis, but if ports like Mariupol and Odessa remain closed then many Asian and African countries will be affected.

Ports are not the only part of Ukraine's supply chains being disrupted.

“The Russian army regularly destroys fuel storage facilities and oil refinery plants, escalating the problem of fuel for the logistics and agri-industries in Ukraine." One analyst explained. "While Ukrainian trucking companies are struggling to find diesel fuel, farmers are short on fuel for farm equipment and vehicles,”

Before the war, Ukraine had a 10% share of the global wheat exports market, a 16% share of the global corn exports market, and a massive 55% share of the global sunflower oil exports market. Since the war their total exports have fallen to 1/10th of their previous levels.

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