Route to Colombia

Route to Colombia

Colombia is a country defined by contrasts. Tropical forests alongside sprawling cityscapes. Ancient Mayan ruins and modern narcotics smuggling.

So when Charles Kendall were tasked to examine the feasibility of a programme which immersed them in all aspects of Colombian logistics, they knew it would almost certainly be an interesting challenge. The client was a US Fortune 500 multinational company looking to establish a supply chain into and out of Colombia from five countries, notably the UK & USA. This would mean immersion into all aspects of Colombian logistics; from bonded warehousing, customs brokerage, air and ocean transportation, to trucking and anti-narcotic security.

Just in Time Imports

The programme Charles Kendall created, consisted of managing the daily just-in-time (JIT) component shipments into the Cali plant from 20 worldwide locations.

Export Packing Out-of-Gauge

Charles Kendall also handled the packing and exportation out of Colombia of 100cbm out-of-gauge glass manufacturing machines weighing 29 tonnes each. This included the transportation to door of the completed machines.

Duty Suspension

One element in the successful launch of the programme was the establishment of a Duty suspension programme for components that would be later exported out of Colombia. In it’s first year the programme delivered almost $1million in cash flow savings on duty and VAT. At the time, it was one of only four such programmes in Colombia.


Through frequent visits to the Cali plant, Charles Kendall managed the successful implementation of a challenging multi-modal JIT programme and the successful launch of Colombian manufactured machines into the global market.