Human Resource Development Project

Human Resource Development Project

In 2011, the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreed to provide funding to the Government of Indonesia (GoI) for various projects, including the Procurement Modernisation Project (PMP) that ran from 2012 to 2018 with the objective of reducing poverty through economic growth. This project was carried out through Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCA-I) and the National Public Procurement agency (LKPP) with the intention to improve the procurement function in Indonesia, through three key projects, one of which was the Human Resource Development (HRD) Project. Charles Kendall Australia was engaged to provide specialist advisory and project management services to achieve the objectives of PMP and sustain long term success.

The Challenge

The objective of the HRD project was to increase Indonesia’s procurement capacity and professionalisation across the GoI. The following challenges were identified:

  • Increase the capacity and professionalisation of the procurement function through the training and mentoring of 500 full time Procurement Service Units (PSU), 450 non-PSU staff (other actors who play a role in the procurement process), with the inclusion of 50 auditors from within the audit agency in GoI.
  • Coordinate effective delivery of training and mentoring across the vast geography of Indonesia.

Our Approach

  • Undertake a needs assessment to determine level of procurement competency through the use of surveys, meetings and stakeholder engagement.
  • Based on the needs assessment, support the development and selection of suitable basic, intermediate and advanced training courses, tailored to the needs of the staff.
  • Strategically choose PSUs and non-PSUs, through criteria which includes geographic location.
  • Coordinate research to identify best methods of training and mentoring.
  • Recruit qualified trainers and mentors using MCA-I approved recruitment policies and processes to effectively deliver training and mentoring.
  • Identify sustainability strengthening activities to provide a way to continuously promote the value of the HRD project and build on to, and expand the network of procurement professionals.


  • Completed an extensive needs assessment of procurement professionals across Indonesia.
  • Managed the development of a full training curriculum containing syllabi, manuals and facilitator’s manuals (based on globally benchmarked competencies).
  • Effectively delivered training and mentoring using a competency-based training and assessment approach, and an engaging mentoring plan.
  • Successfully trained and mentored staff above project targets.
  • Identified and managed the development of sustainability strengthening activities such as materials for a knowledge centre and a procurement industry internet forum.