Project Submarine

Project Submarine

An example of one of the many Project jobs Charles Kendall has successfully overseen.

The Task

We were tasked to collect and transport five empty LPG tanks from Dublin storage to Port Qasim for onward delivery to a Gas facility in Pakistan.

A site visit confirmed five abandoned LPG tanks, each measuring 35.5m (110’) long x 4.5m (15’) diameter GW 98 tonnes. The tanks were partly “submerged” in aggregate and soil and from a distance looked like abandoned submarines.

Problems & Solutions

The LPG tanks had been left in storage for several years. During this time a road and fence had been built around the location severely restricting access for. We had to locate a heavy lift machine with sufficient capacity and outreach to lift the LPG tanks over the perimeter fence.

We also had to overcome obstacles with the access road by clearing all debris, building unmade road for approx. 60m, laying hard-core and infilling the ditch. Previously hidden inlet and outlet pipes had to be protected to ensure they remained usable so we obtained a structural testing assessment prior to lifting from the Irish manufacturer and two 250MT cradles were used to life the sections onto the vessel in tandem.

We then hit an environmental snag as all tanks were encrusted with soil and vegetation so we used a high pressure water washer to ensure the cargo would be acceptable to the Port Health authorities. The total solution included widening the gate entrance, collapsing the road access storm drains and lifting phone cables en-route. We had to remove and reinstate street furniture, deliver the cradles to the ship and contract welders for the loading operation.


There can be substantial obstacles in Project cargos but the reward of a successful project is well worth it. After completion of Project Submarine. The Project Director commented, “We continue to learn….always expect the unexpected”