Procurement Capability Review

Procurement Capability Review

Redland City Council (RCC), a local government authority in south-east Queensland, engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to assist them in moving from prescribed, spend-based procurement activities to a strategic model. CKA undertook a review of RCC's procurement functions and designed strategies to improve efficiency, capability and alignment with corporate objectives.

The Challenge

  • Determine RCC's procurement capability and maturity level.
  • Design strategies to move towards a strategic procurement model.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Mitigate supply risks within RCC's procurement and contract management function.

Our Approach

  • Spend analysis to identify RCC's management of expenditure and highlight cost-saving opportunities.
  • Capability analysis to determine procurement structure, people and processes.
  • Governance analysis to establish the appropriateness of existing structure and controls.


  • Identified costs savings of approximately AUD$1M through better aggregation of spend and increasing the level of spend under management.
  • Developed a sustainable procurement model including corporate social responsibility (e.g. quadruple bottom line, social procurement, etc.).
  • Delivered an improvement plan detailing costs/benefits, associated actions and timeframes for recommendations including procurement structure, strategy, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, leadership and performance management, and systems and monitoring.