Importing Bridge Segments

Importing Bridge Segments

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the rapid transit railway system which operates in Hong Kong and enables millions of passengers to get around the city on a daily basis.

Since its inception in 1979, it has undergone rapid expansion and now boasts over 200km of track and 155 stations. Due to the sheer size and heavy weight of the cargo, Charles Kendall Freight successfully arranged for special heavy weight bearing trucks to accommodate the loading and subsequent movement of the bridge segments. The parts were securely fastened to the vehicles and transported to the construction site, arriving on time and undamaged after travelling hundreds of miles from initial origin to final destination.

Though the client expressed great concern with regard to their consignment swaying and becoming unstable during transportation, we were able to capitalise on previous experience with similar over-sized movements and ensure highly experienced personnel were involved at all stages.


Charles Kendall Freight Hong Kong were able to provide a quick, cost effective transportation solution for the client which enabled savings of almost 50% from the original proposed barge mode. By opting to transport the bridge segments by road rather than air, a particularly efficient overall transit time was achieved.