Eco-City Balconies

Eco-City Balconies

Charles Kendall worked on this project moving construction materials into the largest global eco-city project—MASDAR. With each balcony measuring 4.2m high, the project was a logistical challenge.

The Situation

Our client had more than 400 over-height balconies to transport from China to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. The shipper was looking for a solution which would enable them to transport the façade part of the balconies in one piece.

The Solution

Over an 18 month period, the balconies were transported overland from China and then by seafreight to Abu Dhabi. Due to the size and shape of the cargo, we had to secure multiple 40 foot OOG (Out of Gauge) spaces with a reliable shipper. Once on dry land, the entire road route to destination had to be assessed. The height limit on most bridges in China is 4.7m which meant a great deal of forwarding planning went into ensuring the cargo would be transported smoothly through all potential road obstacles including bridges and road furniture. To achieve this, trucks with lower racks were required and experienced skilful drivers hired.


By utilising the resources Charles Kendall Freight in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai, we were able to provide a seamless and cost effective transportation solution for the client. Providing the customer with round-the-clock response and swift updating on progress, we were able to provide the flexibility to cope with rapid changes in the production schedule.