Drilling Equipment to the Middle East

Drilling Equipment to the Middle East

Never one to shy away from large cargoes, our Dubai office were selected to handle the movement of three very large mud-pumps.

The large oilfield drilling equipment originated from Singapore with an end destination in Sharjah, UAE. The mud pumps are critical components used to circulate drilling fluid under high pressure on a drilling rig.Though originally in direct competition with another company, we were able to secure the business by offering a part-charter rate within the client’s budget.

Consequently, under EXW we shipped the pumps door to door from Singapore to Sharjah and additionally included marine insurance cover for a six-figure sum declared value. As over-sized cargoes, though individually packed, the total gross weight equalled 126 tonnes spanning a total volume of 192 cubic metres.

The units were loaded at 0900 at the NOV Yard in Singapore and transported immediately to Jurong Port for direct loading onto a Break Bulk vessel which subsequently berthed later that day at 1500.


Charles Kendall provided regular operational updates to the client commencing when the units were first loaded on board the vessel, followed by confirmation of secured cargo and eventual departure from Jurong Port.

The company’s supply chain manager was thankful for the frequent updates he received during the duration of the job and was exceptionally grateful for swift and successful completion.