Globetrotting Dinosaurs

Globetrotting Dinosaurs

Charles Kendall has been working with the Natural History Museum, a renowned British Institution, for over a decade. We’ve helped them pack and move various exhibition displays and artefacts ranging from iconic dinosaurs to Antarctic exploration relics.

Most recently, Packing had the colossal task of moving some over-sized dinosaur models. Under extremely tight time constraints and the watchful eye of two museum representatives, the animatronic models had to be placed comfortably and positioned securely into four forty-foot high cube ocean containers.

Our Feltham site is home to some essential facilities including heavy duty loading ramps, an overhead gantry crane, X-ray machine and a 10 tonne forklift, one of the main reasons we’re able to complete over-sized packing jobs and movements so efficiently is because we’ve plenty of space to do so.

Our Freight division assisted with helping to move the models across the Atlantic to their next destination museum in San Diego, California. As highly specialised pieces of engineering, the models which originate from Japan, are moved between eight and ten times a year across the world from one exhibition to another.

The Natural History Museum has provided Charles Kendall with an interesting variety of challenges over the years and we always look forward to seeing what we’ll be asked to do next.