Dispatch of urgent aircraft spares from Singapore

Dispatch of urgent aircraft spares from Singapore

Charles Kendall Freight is the worldwide logistics supplier to Oman Air in Muscat. We arrange dispatch of hundreds of consignments per month using our network of overseas offices and agents, and the client is regularly kept informed of current shipment status.

The Situation

An urgent consignment of aircraft spares needed to be sent immediately from Singapore to Abu Dhabi. The consignment in question consisted of a front landing gear assembly and was required for an aircraft on ground in Abu Dhabi. Engineers had been booked to arrive in Abu Dhabi to make repairs and it was critical that the landing gear assembly was there to meet them so that the aircraft could be repaired and returned to scheduled service.

The Solution

We immediately contacted our agent in Singapore; a flight on Singapore Airlines was identified as being the timeliest option and the goods were pre-booked on the flight.

Documents and shipping instructions were collated and passed to our agent, who confirmed the booking and sent pre-alert documents to London.

However, we were informed that the chosen flight had a commitment to carry perishables and dispatch was therefore not possible. As a result, we had to contact Singapore Airlines direct to ensure guaranteed priority dispatch for the next morning. A commitment to carry the goods was obtained from Singapore Airlines and the customer was also informed of the situation.


The shipment continued to be monitored and confirmation that the goods were manifested on the correct flight was received. Our Dubai office confirmed once the goods had departed from Singapore and made immediate contact with the ground handling agent and consignee in Abu Dhabi to make advanced clearance arrangements.

We managed to deliver the vital part promptly and fully customs cleared.