It’s more than freight. It’s the whole supply chain.

No ordinary freight company

Charles Kendall Freight is a highly experienced global supply chain company at the heart of our group's end-to-end supply chain management and recognised for our expertise, experience, reliability and exacting standards.

Since 1954, we've worked with clients worldwide to develop bespoke solutions tailored to their needs, from procurement to delivery by air, ocean and road.

Genuinely global, we have locations across the UK, US, and Europe, as well as UAE, Bahrain, Oman, China and Hong Kong, and a worldwide network of like-minded independent partners.

We're especially experienced in the Middle East, where we've worked since the 1980s, gaining a deep understanding of the region and the diverse cultures and regulations.




We all want to remain fully compliant in international trade and reap the rewards, but regulations are becoming increasingly complex. From agricultural restrictions to health and safety regulations to Customs compliance and valuation – not to mention aviation security and counter terrorism measures – the scope continues to increase.

As a result, penalties for non-compliance include substantial fines, greater Customs and Governmental examinations, negative publicity and a slow and unpredictable supply chain. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, we provide unrivalled assistance and advice on any aspect of supply chain management. We’re especially expert in compliance, customs regulation and risk assessment. 

The customs regime is increasingly complex, and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. HMRC is increasing its audits and visits to traders, with fines of up to £2,500 for each individual error. Are you aware of the changes coming to the Union Customs Code in May 2016?

It makes sense to talk to someone who knows the system inside-out.

Health Check Service
Supply Chain Security
AEO Status

Health Check Service

In a changing and unpredictable environment, our first priority is to protect your cargo and your business. Our experts can put together a complete assessment of the categories and degrees of risk you face, then recommend tailored strategies to mitigate and control that risk.

The benefits are undisputed. Following a prescribed check-list to cover both import and export regulations, as well as key areas such as valuation, product classification, licensing and rules of origin and preference, our Health Check Service covers:

  • On-site audit of your current import and export practices to identify any compliance issues
  • Assessment of your relevant industry regulations and legislation
  • Product classification advice and follow-up with Customs for rulings to establish correct rates of duty
  • Appropriate customs procedures to help achieve duty and demurrage savings
  • Eliminate financial and service penalties for regulatory non-compliance
  • Technical assistance on import/export license requirements

To request more information about this service, please email:

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Supply Chain Security

In June 2005, the WCO Council adopted the SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade and act as a deterrent to international terrorism, secure revenue collections and promote trade worldwide. Increasingly, countries are adopting the SAFE Framework standards into their own customs regimes. C-TPAT, AEO, PIP, Frontline and SEP all utilize the same SAFE Framework standards from the WCO.

As long time advocates of Compliance, we are proud of our affiliations:

  • We have held AEO status since February 2010 which enables us to take advantage of the benefits of recognition such as faster customs clearances for our clients.
  • Participants of C-TPAT and using the ‘Best Practice Guide’ as benchmark for our operations to allow a smoother passage through US Customs
  • Furthermore, we are a Department of Transport approved Regulated Agent and hold TSA approval as well.

To speak to one of our experts on Supply Chain Security for your company please email:

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AEO Status

AEO status plays a vital role in the security amendment of the Customs Code which came into force on 1 July 2009. The amendment aims to ensure an equivalent level of protection through customs controls for all goods going through EU customs territory and stipulates that relevant security data must be provided electronically by economic operators before the goods enter or leave the customs territory.

We hold the highest level of AEO status demonstrating compliance, trustworthiness, safety and security. As one of the relatively few companies to hold this prestigious industry kite-mark in the UK, we have a lower risk score within HMRC systems and in turn our clients receive a “Fast track” service through Customs controls. Furthermore, we are also members of C-TPAT which provides us with faster processing for US bound cargoes.

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