Union Customs Code and the CDS

This was a major change in the EU and one that the UK has signed up to. This is the framework regulation for all customs rules and procedures in the EU. It required the UK in particular to provide a lot more information on import and export entries to Customs and as a result the UK is moving to the new Customs Declaration Service – CDS a totally different Customs system. This was due to be implemented in 2018 but the software has not fully tested and approved. It is expected to be introduced at some stage in 2019 and CDS handles the increased information required by the UCC. See link to Client Advisory PDF Features and Benefits of the UCC.

It is now explicit under Article 19.1 of the UCC that “ when dealing with the Customs authorities, a Customs representative shall state that he or she is acting on behalf of the person represented and whether the representation is direct or indirect” The client needs to formally “authorise and empower Charles Kendall to act as their Representative and making it clear that is in Direct capacity only.

Download Letter of Empowerment

Changes to customs regulations means that customers will need to formally empower Charles Kendall Freight to act on their behalf as a customs representative. This applies to all shipments, not just post-Brexit EU shipments. Click this link to download the Letter of Empowerment template, complete and email it back to our team at compliance@charleskendall.com