Brexit & Post-Brexit

Brexit & Post-Brexit

Guidance and Expertise from Charles Kendall Freight

As a valued client you can rest assured that Charles Kendall are not just prepared for Brexit but will also provide sound advice to make the right decisions for your business. We expect the UK to leave the European Union at some stage and whilst an orderly exit is preferred, all businesses need to prepare for the worst case scenario. Charles Kendall has worked closely with most of the Customs authorities in Europe, processing 1000s of entries in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands in particular. These countries account for over 85% of EU Trade. It will come as no surprise that despite a common Customs Union, the interpretation and implementation of rules in each is different.


Letter of Empowerment - Changes to customs regulations means that customers will need to formally empower Charles Kendall Freight to act on their behalf as a customs representative. This applies to all shipments, not just post-Brexit EU shipments. All customers will need to click this link to download the Letter of Empowerment template, complete and email it back to our team at

BIFA - Brexit - an overview - a well written and easy to follow overview of Brexit written by Robert Windsor, Executive Director of Policy and Compliance at BIFA

HMRC - Partnership Pack - Step by Step guidance for both importers and exporters - practical and helpful advice from HMRC

GOV.UK - How to get a UK EORI number to trade within the EU

HMRC Export Guide

​Exporting to the EU - Step by Step Guide from HMRC

HMRC Import Guide

​Importing from the EU - Step by Step Guide from HMRC


The UK is moving to the new Customs Declaration Service – CDS a totally different Customs system. Find out more about how it may affect your business. Read our Client Advisory Sheet for an overview or speak to one of our Compliance team.

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