Before the event

Before the event


The documents you need for transportation depend upon where you are sending your packages, what it is you are shipping, and what your intentions are i.e. whether you want to sell items, or simply display and then return them.

In some countries, permanently imported goods cannot enter the country combined with temporarily imported goods, so your giveaway items cannot be packed with your stand. This is easy to sort out before the goods arrive in the country but not so easy one they arrive at the event. We can arrange an ATA Carnet service to allow duty and tax free temporary import of goods for up to a year, if required.

Requirements do not just change between countries, but can vary each time. Working in close co-operation with International Chambers of Commerce and local partners around the globe we can advise you on the latest requirements.

Packing and Labelling

Did you know? The average exhibition crate is handled over 50 times between collection and delivery. Packing your goods correctly is essential! Some countries (including Australia, Brazil, India, China, Korea and USA) also insist on fumigating cargo before shipment. We have our own in-house Packing division who can assist with crating prior to shipment.

Labelling your shipment correctly is vital. Before we collect your packed items, each one needs to be labelled (which we provide ahead of collection). If you have return shipments, our on-site staff can give you special return labels before the end of your event.

Palletised shipments are ideal for keeping small boxes together. We can assist with this type of consolidation within our specialist warehouse facility. Once the event is over, we can either return your crates for you or store them until your next event.

We are able to organise show insurance upon request.