Top-Hat Packing

Top-Hat Packing

Our task was to ‘Top-Hat’ pack a compressor and dryer package destined for an oil field near Perth, Western Australia.

The total consignment measured 1450 x 1280 x 555cm. Along with its dismantled access walkways, steps and lifting beam assembly, it weighed a total of 113 tonnes.

Our on-site team based off-quay at an off-quay location in East Anglia, fluctuated between three and five men over the 20 day task, and together they packed the main package with timbers and metal brackets.

The ‘Top Hat’ itself was completed with a sheathing of 12mm plywood, with two access doorways and an outer cover of cross-woven polythene. We desiccated all the internal gauges and electro-mechanical valves and protected them with cushioning and polythene wrap.

The access walkways, steps and lifting beam assembly were packed to an agreed BS1133 section 8 packing specification.

We also provided a range of on-site mechanical handling equipment including: a mobile crane, platform scissor lift, and cherry-picker boom lift. Each member of the team possessed the necessary licences in order to safely operate the scissor lift and cherry-picker.

As always with on-site packing, we issued a Method Statement and Risk Assessment prior to commencing the job. Our timber complied with both ISPM15 and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection requirement, and was marked to Contract Requirements and International Stand