Procurement Modernisation Project

Procurement Modernisation Project

The United States Government-owned Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) approached Charles Kendall to implement its $50M Procurement Modernisation Project for the Government of Indonesia (GoI), a foreign aid endeavour aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness the GoI's national public procurement system.

Charles Kendall assisted with the implementation of the program, including sustainable procurement, skills/needs assessment and competency development.

The Challenge

  • Design and cost a sustainable procurement system where existing structure is decentralised and low maturity, lacking in established frameworks, and unfamiliar with key concepts;
  • Develop Human Resources capacity despite an absence of historical assessment data or capacity development/training programs.

Our Approach

  • Identify drivers, risks, issues and constraints in sustainable procurement practices through evaluation of legal, regulatory and policy documentation;
  • Engage stakeholders to identify needs, capacity and capability of GoI ministries;
  • Research and evaluate existing sustainable procurement projects, initiatives, training/competency and best practices in GoI and other ASEAN nations.


  • Designed and costed a Sustainable Procurement Project for the MCC and GoI to aid in procurement policy, procedure and training development, and implementation of a national and district-level pilot program;
  • Delivered a web-based survey for procurement professionals to assess future training and competency needs;
  • Analysed best practices in procurement training and presented findings in a presentation and report, with recommendations based on survey data.