Electoral Material to Puntland

Electoral Material to Puntland

Some cargos need special care, and some regions of the world are especially volatile. For a cargo involving not just one, but both these elements, a freight forwarder with the right skills and experience is essential for a problem free, on time delivery.

This was certainly true for a project involving the international airfreight of sensitive electoral material to Somalia. During the summer of 2013, Charles Kendall transported a total of 7 tonnes of highly sensitive material for the Somalian government from the UK to the Puntland region of Northern Somalia ahead of forthcoming elections.

The cargoes were collected from the shipper and returned to our secure facility at Feltham. It was loaded on airline pallets, netted and wrapped in black heavy-duty polythene for security reasons by our specially trained staff. A task we were able to complete quickly and effectively due to our on-site facilities, resources and skilled staff.

The next day, the cargo was flown to Nairobi and was immediately transferred to a high security cage at JKIA to await the connecting flight to Somalia. We arranged the onward charter flight by a specialist HS 146 aircraft to Garowe Airport in Puntland, Northern Somalia. The aircraft was specially chosen for its ability to land on unprepared desert strips and for its payload.

Security & Communication

Touching down on Garowe’s desert runway at 8.30am, the cargo was unloaded and transported under the supervision of a UN security escort to its final destination at a secure facility in 90 minutes. Throughout the project we liaised with the UN Escort to ensure that communications between the UK, Nairobi and Garowe Airport were facilitated and maintained. The roots of the project’s success lay in Charles Kendall’s experience in delivering solutions in volatile regions, meticulous preparation and flawless execution.